How Do You Qualify for Food Stamps in Arizona

In Arizona, you can apply for food stamps through the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). To qualify, you must meet certain requirements, including: being a resident of Arizona, meeting income and resource limits, and providing proof of identity and residency. You can apply online or at a local DES office. If you’re approved, you’ll receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that you can use to buy food at authorized retailers. The amount of food stamps you receive depends on your household size and income.

The Food Stamps program provides financial assistance to help eligible individuals and families in Arizona purchase food. To be eligible for Food Stamps, you must meet certain income and other requirements.

Income Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Food Stamps in Arizona, your household’s gross income must be at or below 130% of the federal poverty level. The poverty level is a measure of income that is used to determine eligibility for many government programs.
The income limit for a single person is $1,354 and $2,778 for a family of four.

In addition to your income, the following factors will also be considered when determining your eligibility for Food Stamps:

  • Number of people in your household
  • Any deductions from your income, such as child support or medical expenses
  • Whether you are a student or disabled

If you meet the income and other eligibility requirements, you may apply for Food Stamps at your local Department of Economic Security office.


In addition to meeting the income and other eligibility requirements, you must also have limited resources in order to be eligible for Food Stamps. Resources include things like cash, bank accounts, and property.

For a household of one, the resource limit is $2,250, and for a household of four, the resource limit is $3,250. Vehicles are excluded from the resource limit if they are used for transportation or if they have a value of less than $4,650.

Income and Resource Limits

The following table shows the income and resource limits for Food Stamps in Arizona:

Household SizeIncome LimitResource Limit


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  • Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST)
  • Food Stamp Application Instructions
  • SNAP Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for food stamps in Arizona, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Arizona.
  • Have a Social Security number or a lawful immigrant status.
  • Meet the income and asset limits.
  • Be unemployed or underemployed.
  • Be a member of a qualifying household.

Income Limits

Household SizeGross Income Limit

Asset Limits

  • $2,500 for households with one or two members.
  • $3,750 for households with three or more members.
  • $4,250 for households with a member who is 60 years of age or older or who is disabled.

Qualifying Households

A qualifying household is one that:

  • Contains at least one person who is eligible for food stamps.
  • Lives together and shares common cooking and eating facilities.
  • Has a combined income and assets that do not exceed the limits.

Procedure to Qualify for Food Stamps in Arizona

To qualify for food stamps in Arizona, you must meet specific eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documentation. The following step-by-step guide outlines the process for applying for food stamps in Arizona:

  1. Check Eligibility:
    • Determine if you meet the income and resource limits.
    • Verify your citizenship or lawful residency status.
    • Ensure you meet the work requirements, if applicable.
  2. Gather Required Documents:
    • Proof of income, such as pay stubs, Social Security benefits, or pension statements.
    • Proof of resources, including bank statements, savings account records, and stock certificates.
    • Proof of identity, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.
    • Proof of residency, such as a utility bill or lease agreement.
    • Social Security numbers for all household members.
  3. Apply for Food Stamps:
    • Visit the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) website or local DES office.
    • Complete the application form, providing accurate and complete information.
    • Submit the application along with the required documentation.
    • Attend an interview if requested by DES.
  4. Receive Benefits:
    • Once your application is approved, you will receive an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.
    • The EBT card can be used to purchase eligible food items at authorized retailers.
    • Benefits are typically deposited into the EBT card each month.

Arizona Food Stamps Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for food stamps in Arizona, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Income Limits: Your gross household income must be at or below the poverty level set by the federal government.
  • Resource Limits: Your household’s countable resources must be below the allowable limits.
  • Citizenship and Lawful Residency: You must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen with lawful residency status.
  • Work Requirements: Able-bodied adults aged 18-49 without dependents may be subject to work requirements.

Table of Arizona Food Stamps Income Limits

Household SizeGross Monthly Income Limit

Note: The income limits may change annually based on the federal poverty guidelines.

Income and Asset Limits for Food Stamps in Arizona

To qualify for food stamps in Arizona, you must meet specific income and asset limits. Your income and assets are considered together to determine your eligibility. Your income is the amount of money you receive each month from all sources, including wages, Social Security, and child support. Your assets are the things you own, such as cash, savings, stocks, and bonds. In Arizona, the income and asset limits for food stamps are as follows:

Income and Asset Limits for Food Stamps in Arizona
Household SizeGross Income LimitNet Income LimitResource Limit
Each additional person$573$436$1,250

If your income and assets are below these limits, you may be eligible for food stamps. However, to be sure, you will need to contact the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and apply for food stamps. You can apply for food stamps online, by mail, or in person at a DES office.

Penalties for Violating Food Stamp Rules

  • Using food stamps to buy non-eligible items, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or lottery tickets
  • Selling or trading food stamps for cash or other items
  • Using food stamps at restaurants or other food establishments that are not authorized to accept food stamps
  • Using food stamps to purchase food for someone who is not a member of your household
  • Failing to report changes in your income, assets, or household size to DES

If you are caught violating food stamp rules, you may be subject to penalties, such as:

  • Being disqualified from receiving food stamps for a period of time
  • Having to pay back the value of the food stamps you misused
  • Being charged with a crime

It is important to use food stamps only for the purchase of eligible food items and to follow all of the program rules. If you have any questions about what is allowed or not allowed under the food stamp program, you should contact DES.

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